• Image of Double Fibonacci Cutting Board
  • Image of Double Fibonacci Cutting Board
  • Image of Double Fibonacci Cutting Board

Math geek food lovers rejoice! Your cutting board has arrived!

This hand-made walnut and hard maple end-grain cutting board is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence - a series of numbers that begins 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,etc... The design is made by making the sides of the various pieces of the board correspond with the numbers in the sequence (specifically in this case, 1/8", 1/8", 2/8", 3/8", 5/8", and so on). As you can see, the sequence creates something like a very basic fractal pattern...or, if you're like my mom and can't see what I'm talking about, it just looks cool.

The board is constructed using FDA approved, water-proof glue, and treated with a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax.

End-grain cutting boards like this one are very durable and will not dull your knife edges like some other types of cutting boards might. Also, while some people worry that wooden cutting boards are not as safe from bacteria as glass or plastic, there have been studies done that actually show that wooden boards have antibacterial properties (seriously...ask The Internets). I don't know if those studies are 100% accurate, but I do know that people have been using wooden cutting boards a lot longer than plastic, and have not all died of food-borne illness, so I figure it's probably ok (though I won't hold it against you if you decided to cut poultry on a separate board).

I'll include a set of care instructions with any cutting board that I sell.

The Fibonacci cutting board is 15.75" X 9.75" X 1.25

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