• Image of Trio Necklace - Bloodwood and Ebony

This listing is for a bloodwood and ebony necklace with a sterling silver chain. The pendant is 2 5/16" long, 1 1/8" wide at its widest point, and 1/4" thick. It is sanded very smooth and finished with Danish oil and buffed to a shine with a wax finish. The bloodwood has a gemstone-like internal shine when viewed in certain lights (the lighter orange areas you can see in the photos give you an idea of what I mean). I do not use any stains or dyes on the woods in my jewelry - the colors all come straight from the trees!

I would be happy to include any length of silver chain between 16" and 24', so please let me know what you would like when you order. I can also switch to a thin black leather cord if you would prefer that, and can subtract $10 from the price if you choose that option.

If you would just like the pendant and plan to use your own chain, that's fine, but know that the hole that the chain needs to go through is only 3/32" in diameter, so your chain will need to have a pretty small ring on one end. Feel free ask any questions you might have.

Thanks for looking!

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